Our approach

ITO was founded when a professor of psychology and a sales professional from the automobile industry met and began working together in 1988.

Superior theories met seasoned practitioners.

The latest methods met experienced pioneers.

The best of both worlds: science and practice.

The result? Now more than ever: extraordinarily effective solutions.

Thus we will sustainably increase the effectiveness of your company. So you are ahead of the others by those hundredths, which can make the difference between victory and defeat.


Leveraging knowledge

Knowledge from research

From the outset, science has represented one of two powerful pillars of the ITO success model. Many of our methods are rooted in decades of university research that has been carried out and documented according to scientific standards. Even today, we still participate intensively in academic discourse, and thereby keep up to the minute on the latest findings. Good for us. Good for you.


Presented simply and comprehensively

With us there aren’t any highly theoretical formulations that nobody understands. We speak your language and that of your customers. The principle of “simplicity” is a top priority for us. We have fully devoted ourselves to the idea of presenting complex facts and models in a simple manner. Because having knowledge is just the first step. Lasting success only comes about when knowledge is applied in a targeted way.


Putting it to practice

Practical application from experience

For over 25 years, ITO Business Consultants have been consulting, training and developing medium and large-sized enterprises.

We have over 150 successful customers to our credit.

Over 10,000 people have been guided to even more success through individually-designed measures.

The facts and figures speak for themselves.

However, our experience doesn’t just come from consulting. In the course of their careers, ITO Business Consultants have themselves been on the front lines and have gained practice experience first-hand. ITO: We are sales staff, managers, personnel developers and managers.


Collaboratively designed

For us, practical experience means not being a foreign body in your company. We adapt to it. And we adapt our approaches and methodologies to our clients. We never implement any pre-fabricated ITO measures, but design the future practice of your company collaboratively. This means we combine your knowledge of your business and your industry with our knowledge of numerous successful consulting projects. We analyse resource-efficiently and quickly, design specifically for you, and put measures directly into practice collaboratively with your employees. We don’t leave you hanging to implement them either. We take just as much responsibility for the transfer from theory into practice as we do for the quality of our concepts.