What does “ITO” stand for?

Individual, Team and Organisation.

Why the name “ITO”?

It is only by examining and analysing the individual key components of such a complex organisational structure like a company that you can develop the situationally optimal strategy so that the situational corporate goals can be reached. The key components are:

  • The individual who realizes himself in his/her work, for whom work is life shaping, and is enthusiastic to learn.
  • The team that promotes diversity and brings different people together, which leaves individuals free space, gives them the impetus to rise above themselves, and which supports and provides security to them.
  • The organisation as a platform for the realization of ideas and tasks, as spiritual home and as a place for coming together.

Does ITO offer open seminars?

No. Our seminars are designed specifically for our customers.

Is ITO active nationwide in Germany?

ITO works for clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are also happy to assist you in your sales organisation elsewhere in Europe.

In which sectors has ITO already worked? 

ITO has experience in the following sectors: Automotive Industry, Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Heating & Plumbing, Industry & Machine and Plant Engineering, Commerce, Consumer Goods, Professional Services, Software/IT and Telecommunications

What sets ITO apart from other sales professionals? 

ITO combines targeted scientific knowledge with years of practical experience. The result? Extraordinarily effective solutions. Thus you achieve even the most demanding goals quickly, measurably and sustainably - even under the most difficult market conditions.

How big does a sales organisation need to be so that its collaboration with the ITO makes financial sense?

We have successfully collaborated with both SMEs and with large, multi-level marketing organisations.